2nd Annual Plant Sale!

Our 2nd annual plant sale is coming up soon! Visit the earthweek website for directions to the garden and plant sale inventory!!


We had a great seed planting last Saturday! We also checked in on the seeds we planted about 1 month ago..they’re looking great:) Can’t wait for the plant sale!


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The UAH Community Garden is off to a great start this season! The garden is hosting a new class taught by Dr. Cseke in the Biology Department, BYS 390.  Students and faculty are registered in the garden plots for spring/summer planting AND we’ve started our seeds for our 2nd annual plant sale!  Here are some pics below from our seed planting in the Shelby Center Grennhouse.  Dr. Cseke is kind enough to let us use the space and prep for our sale. Looking forward to documenting their growth!

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Our garden has changed a lot in the last year or so, but not so much as it has in the last few days! We have had the benefit of having Zach Clark a Senior at Catholic High choose our UAH Community Garden for an Eagle Scout Project! He has designed a shed with rainwater collection from the roof, built us a sign and with the generosity of  his Dad James Clark and AMRDEC/UAH we have been given a wonderful new tiller!  I cannot express how much gratitude I and the other gardeners feel for the help the Clark family and Troop #350 has shown us.  See just a few of the pics from this weekend below, some of which have our students and faculty trying out the new tiller and a picture of Zach and I putting up our new sign! I’ll keep everyone informed on the progress of the wonderful work and time these folks are donating!



Hi all! It has been quite a while since anyone has been able to see the progress of the garden this season.  One of our exceptional gardeners took these photos earlier in the week.  It is amazing to see what a little hard work can accomplish! I have a feeling we’re going to be a tad overwhelmed with the growth later into the summer.


We also recently started melons, cukes and squash (not listed).  Hopefully they will be ready when you swing by!


One of our great students took these wonderful pictures of our garden.  You can clearly see the new growth of some Mesculin and Arugula, among other plants!




Hi everyone! Our Spring garden is full of little greens, beets, radishes, and pea plants.  Some of our gardeners can even harvest a micro-greens salad (pics at end of blog post).  We are also getting ready for our UAH Community Garden Plant Sale.  You can see our flyer, partial inventory, and pics of some plants that will be sold in a couple weeks in the Gallery section of this blog.  We will be adding melons, squash and cukes to our sale (not currently listed). Additionally, we have received a very valuable donation of rain barrels!  We’ll be able to build our shed and hook up a rain collection system in the next few weeks.  This is all possible because of our active and supportive student community.  These remarkable students have made this season great.








Our garden is looking outstanding this season!  We are lucky to have such a wonderful group of folks and supportive University to help make all of this happen. 


We tilled and amended the soil with the 3 year old mulch from the Huntsville City free leaf mulch pile.  Above you can see Ashley tilling her plot in for this Spring.



Eric and Africa (front of photo) are two Earth System Science graduate students here at UAH.  They planted some interesting things in their shared plot including black bean seeds from the highlands of Guatemala!




Trish and Kristi (above) showing off their freshly planted plot!


Some sprouts just one week later!


This is the beginning of our endeavor to cover our hoop-house. We’ll have it covered soon and full of summer garden veggies! 


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